Johnny brought Hostess snacks. The whole line of 'em — Hoho's and CupCakes and Snowballs and Twinkies and even Zingers. Even better, he always shared. A real gentlemen.

She ate it and they talked and he'd hold her hand. A real gentlemen. 

Other guys tried to pull it off, but they didn't have Johnny's charm. And it looked like they were trying to copy Johnny.

He wasn't the smartest kid or the funniest or the best at sports but he was the undoubtedly the coolest. He was invited to everyone's birthday party. Parents always said something afterward like, "That Johnny is such a nice young man." They were right. He was a real gentlemen.

Parties became less formal in middle school. The cool kids would meet up at someone's house after a dance or whatever and some people would make out and other people would talk about it later. Parents might have been home, but they were hip parents who kept out of the way, so making out was no problem.

Johnny got to second base sooner than anyone else I knew. Most people hadn't even had a peck on the cheek yet, but Johnny was feeling up an eighth grader, like, in front of everyone.

They'd been talking and flirting and he was a real gentlemen. He put his arm around her and she smiled. He was the coolest guy there and even though she knew her friend had a crush on Johnny, she let him keep it there.

He started talking about his hard-on before anyone else could. It was funny and we all laughed because, sure enough, he was pitching a tent in his pants. "Hey, it's not my fault," he said as he gave a little squeeze to the girl on his arm. She laughed and turned a bit red. He kissed her on the neck first and people made a whoa-oh cheering sound. Then he squeezed her breast in a playful way and people said, "Oh, Johnny!" Then she kind of let him kiss her on the mouth; he felt her body like he wanted to and people started to look away. Other boys hid their hard-ons and the girls didn't really know what to do. A pop song came on and everyone said, "Whooooo!" The girls started dancing and the boys wandered around. Johnny hi-fived a few of his friends and then they started snacking at a bowl of pretzels.