Not interested

"I'm sorry, I'm really not interested."

"While I understand that money may be tight, it's tight for all of us, I must reiterate the urgency of this campaign. Take a look at this. Yes, you see there, that's a projection of what will happen if current trends continue. Pretty shocking, right?"


"I know, it's incredible. And let me show you something else. You're not going to believe this. Hold on, one second let me find it. Ok, right, here, these are actual photographs of what's happening. Now, you might think that's terrible, but you can't do anything. Well, we like to think of it as a 'coffee a day.' That's all that it takes to..."

"I'm sorry, I'm really—"

"No, you hold onto that, it's okay. Yeah, we really need contributions all the time. We're a grassroots organization and we need full-scale opposition."


"Now, the best way you can help is by becoming a monthly subscriber, so can we count on you to make that commitment. No, that's okay, I have plenty. You keep that."

"I don't know."

"Let me show you something else—"

"Twenty dollars a month?"

"Well, technically, to be considered a member, you'll need to commit to fifty dollars a month. But that does include a thank you gift. Let me get that out for you. See, now doesn't that look nice. And, of course, your subscription will greatly increase our ability to—"

"Hold on. I'll get my wallet."

"Thank you so much. While you might not think... ... ... ... Thanks. Yes, we're all set there. Well, I'm happy to welcome you as a new member. I hope..."

[closes door. sighs. here's neighbor's dog frantically barking as doorbell rings next door.]