Typewriter versus Computer - Part One

Interior. Courtroom. A lawyer is questioning a Sea-Foam Green Remington Streamliner II. An IBM PC Model 5150 sits at the defense table. It hums audibly throughout the proceedings.

"You're honor, I'm simply trying to establish a basis for the physical strains put on my client in its routine function... May I continue?"

The judge nods.

"Thank you. Now, you were describing the re-inking process. Would you please continue?"

"Yes, thank you." As the typewriter speaks. It clickety-clacks with each syllable finishing its sentences with a *Ding* and sliding of the page bar. "Like I was saying, the factory recommends re-inking every six months. This process has been streamlined for my model, but it can still be problematic. This is because most users shirk the recommendation and delay the re-ink. By the time they finally decide to add ink, it's long overdue and the mechanics are gummed up. This leads to frustration on the users part."

"What would you say is the typical manifestation of this frustration?"

"Would you please clarify?" Clickety-clack. Ding.

"Of course. You say people become frustrated, is that correct?"

"Yes." Ding.

"And, when they become frustrated, how do they respond?"

"Well..." Pause as the typewriter makes a cranking sound while the reel spin. "Excuse me. Well, sometimes they curse. Sometimes they pound the table. Sometimes they will strike me." Ding.

"They strike you?"


"Your honor, please have the court reporter register the witness's affirmation of the previous question."

The judge nods.

"So, would you say it is common for a user to become physically hostile towards you?"