Second Date

- I might've told you this already, my cousin is a doctor, too.

- You did say that, yeah.

- Oh. Remind me, you have a brother, right?

- Sister. She's older. (Either he wasn't listening at all, or he has me confused with someone else.)

- (Wait, she's not the doctor, she works for that non-profit or whatever. I don't think she noticed, though.) That's right. You're pretty close, right?

- Yeah, she's the best.

- (Nice save)

They take a drink and their eyes wander the room. They place their glasses down simultaneously.

So, were-- 

- Um-- 

- Oh, sorry, you go ahead.

- No, it's okay. Really.

- (Eff) I was just going to ask if you were, um... sorry, that guy over there is totally weirding me out. He's got this tic, like, he keeps spasming.

- (We were really drunker than I thought. I'm amazed we could even have sex.)

They touch hands under the table. 

- Do you want another drink?

- Um... let's just get out of here.

They lean towards each other. He places his hand against her face. They kiss. 

- I'll call an Uber.