Second Date

- I might've told you this already, my cousin is a doctor, too.

- You did say that, yeah.

- Oh. Remind me, you have a brother, right?

- Sister. She's older. (Either he wasn't listening at all, or he has me confused with someone else.)

- (Wait, she's not the doctor, she works for that non-profit or whatever. I don't think she noticed, though.) That's right. You're pretty close, right?

- Yeah, she's the best.

- (Nice save)

They take a drink and their eyes wander the room. They place their glasses down simultaneously.

So, were-- 

- Um-- 

- Oh, sorry, you go ahead.

- No, it's okay. Really.

- (Eff) I was just going to ask if you were, um... sorry, that guy over there is totally weirding me out. He's got this tic, like, he keeps spasming.

- (We were really drunker than I thought. I'm amazed we could even have sex.)

They touch hands under the table. 

- Do you want another drink?

- Um... let's just get out of here.

They lean towards each other. He places his hand against her face. They kiss. 

- I'll call an Uber.


Exterior. Night.

Aaron: Damn, it's cold, I might have to cowboy cigarette this one.

Pete: Pass me your lighter. Damn, hands are going to freeze just lighting this.

Aaron: Do you think he noticed me in there?

Pete: Got it. Damn, I need to quit. This is stupid.

Aaron: I mean, he was acting kinda weird, but I don't think he saw, right?

Pete: I wouldn't worry about it.

Aaron: Damn, he totally saw me. I shouldn't have done that. I'm just drunk. She looked good.

Pete: Dammit, pass me the lighter again.

Aaron: Should I apologize? I mean, that might make it better. I don't know. That could just make it more awkward too.

Pete: You still need to get rid of that ticket for tomorrow?

Aaron: Yeah. You interested?

Pete: Maybe. I'll let you know.

Aaron: Could you, like, let me know soon? Cuz, you know, I don't want to have to eat it and, like—

Pete: Yeah, okay.

Aaron: I think they're fighting now. He looks really pissed. Oh, he just put on his coat. He's leaving. He's heading this way. Heyyyy, how's it going, buddy? Heading home already? It's freezing out here. I'm going back inside.


Pete: You want one. No, it's cool, I need to quit anyway.